Massage Therapy Schools – Learn the Art of Healing

Massage is the art of healing human body from stress and pain, giving it a feel of comfort and relaxation by using some traditional techniques and elements. Basically it is done by simply massaging various body parts by hand and some ointment which acts as the pain reliever but nowadays the field has gone vast and much developed than before. New techniques are being formulated every day in massage therapy schools and some physical therapy schools also which involve more sophisticated methods leading to improved results.

Mainly it involves pressurized body work which can either be unstructured or structured and stationary or moving. In the moving form it can be as vibration exercise or putting some part under tension or just normal motion in the part and is performed either by hands or few small machines also. Gastrointestinal organs, vessels of the lymphatic system, connecting tissues, joints, facial muscles, ligaments and tendons are mainly the target areas in a massage therapy. Around 80 different techniques have been developed and feet, knees, elbows, forearm, fingers are used in some technique or the other. Due to the observed effectiveness of the therapy and client demand, more people are coming in this field and hence massage therapy schools are there to train them.

In professional massage parlors, the client is asked to sit on a massage chair or lie on a massage table or just lie down on the mat over the floor, either in clothes or without them. These requirements vary from therapy to therapy. All the states in America need license possession for practicing as a massage therapist.

Massage Therapy Schools In NJ

Massage therapy schools in NJ offer courses and training for starting lucrative careers as a massage/physical therapist or professional bodywork experts. Starting from basic massage and body pressure work, it advances to neural muscular system, reflex co-ordination, cranial sacra, fascia massage, acupressure, aroma healing, holistic and wellness healing methods and some very advanced practices like shiatsu. Trained therapists can start a career from many places like gym and fitness centers, offices, hospitals, salon n spas, cruise ships, resorts or just as freelance practitioner in private homes.

Some of the popular massage therapy schools in New Jersey are Harris School of Business, Gentle Healing School of Massage, National Massage Therapy Institute, Academy of Massage Therapy, and Institute for Therapeutic Massage. Besides these, there are many other centers of learning also where one can master the art of traditional healing and treatment and start a really good career in this field.

Massage Therapy Training

To ensure a perfect start, first of all one should undergo a formal training from some authorized institute or an online certification program which gives a detailed description of various aspects in massage therapy. Next, it is always better to start under some experienced therapist because it gives a chance to practical exposure in real life situations and develops an in depth understanding of some special situations or any critical problem faced by the client which needs to be cured with the help of massage therapy.

Massage Therapy Courses

The primary objective of any massage therapist course is to develop skills which can relieve patients from injuries, stay away from stress and depression and lead a healthy life. Starting from basic massage techniques (therapeutics) and moving towards advanced kinesiology and physiology of the human anatomy. The course starts with an introduction to massage therapy, some basic bodyworks practices, human anatomy study, and setting up of therapeutic environment.

Moving on, the course takes the path to various organ systems and their functioning and what effect does massage has on different organs. Meanwhile the body support and movement fundamentals are also taught along with the crucial steps and safety measures. After the beginner’s lessons, the detailed movement techniques in every part from forehead to shoulder, arm to hips and legs to torso are explained and it is a very important part as the massage therapy is based upon the body movements.

Almost all massage therapy schools follow this route, next start various techniques related to the therapy like aromatherapy, hydrotherapy etc. which are specific procedures to cure some specific problem. Moreover understanding of diseases, their basic cause and elementary treatment is also included in the course material for helping them understand the curing process in detail.